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Bosa Properties , – Dave Roach, Project Superintendent

“Actual produce a great quality product never over promising but always delivering. They’re ICPI certified and fully capable of producing a quality product to fit most situations including decorative and traffic rated applications. Price is competitive and their dedication to satisfy the customer is impressive. They have an extensive knowledge within their industry which is an invaluable asset.”

Dave Thornton , Adera Development Corp.

Actual Landscaping has completed several condominium and townhouse projects for Adera Developments for over 20 years. As a Site Superintendent, I appreciate Actual’s site cooperation, coordination and commitment to detail. They have always come through for me with high quality work and a ‘get the job done’ attitude, even under the tightest of schedules. I would recommend Actual Landscaping to anyone at anytime for a wide range of soft and hard landscaping work.

Zajac Ranch , – Mel Zajac, Founder and Chairman

On behalf of everyone at Zajac Ranch for Children, I wish to express my appreciation to Don DeMarco, President of Actual Landscaping,, his family and team for all their hard work and dedication in volunteering their time to complete landscaping projects at Zajac Ranch for Children.
These projects have been an amazing addition to the Ranch and we know it will be greatly appreciated by the many people who visit
Zajac Ranch in the years to come.
It is through the support of community leaders such as Don DeMarco and Actual Landscaping that we are able to continue to provide such a wonderful environment for the children and families who benefit from
Zajac Ranch for Children.

Wellness Project ,

We are proud partner and supporter of the project wellness project. A non-profit organization dedicated to providing food, clean water, medicine and education to orphans in Malawi, Africa

We Proudly Support These Charities : we support these local charities: zajac ranch for children & project wellness

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