Our concrete division excels in flatwork. We are happy to take on your forming needs, as well as placing and finishing.

From pool patios, parking stalls, walkways, roadways to gravel binding; we offer versatile drainage solutions and stormwater management control to reduce excess water run off. All Actual hardscapers are certified installers to ensure the job is executed right the first time.

Properly installed water features and rain gardens can dramatically alter the look and function of your landscape. From vast water features to fully functional rain garden and stormwater management systems designed to capture, re-direct and filter water run-off before it hits the storm drain. We ensure every install is done with precision and know-how.

Invasive species can have a devastating impact to natural and riparian areas. Our control programs can include manual, mechanical, and chemical components such as pulling, cutting, targeted pesticide use, biological controls and native species reintroduction. All invasive species are disposed of off-site at approved locations.

Our maintenance team is as clean-cut and professional as your grounds will be. Our goal is to keep your commercial property immaculate, weed free, with lush lawns and manicured shrubs and trees.


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We offer all civil landscape services using only new and well-maintained equipment. Services include but are not limited to; vehicular paving, stormwater management systems, offsite tree planting and boulevards.

We ensure all plant material is planted in correct depths and use quality top-soil to BC Landscape Standard. We use only the top nurseries in the Lower Mainland and ensure all material is inspected and hand selected by the consultant or Landscape Architect. All material is handled with care and planted with passion to deliver quality results.

All design build irrigation systems will be professionally installed and maintained to keep our landscapes green and beautiful.

Our site furnishing installations include a wide range of elements from seating, shelters and signage, to bike racks, bollards, waste receptacles and playgrounds.

Our installers are ICPI certified and strictly adhere to guidelines. We ensure every install has proper build-up, compaction, slope, clean lines and tight cuts to ensure lasting hardscapes. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Using only certified installers, our walls comply with local building codes and are constructed to meet industry tolerances. Engineered plans are strictly followed while communicating with the geo-technical engineers for sign off. Our projects range from small garden walls to soaring engineered walls, all completed with passion and care.

Green roofs have numerous benefits such as mitigate heat, reduce stormwater runoff, reduce noise and help extend the life of roof membranes. Actual provides installation for all types of green roof systems. We also offer extensive maintenance packages and warranties for every green roof we install.

From hand seed to hydroseed, from sod to reinforced grass paving, we do it all. A beautiful lawn only happens with the right foundation. We only use premium sand-based turf, combined with free draining soils and proper drainage. Our experienced sod installation professionals will provide top notch service.

Our Lead carpenter works with our customers to create custom fencing projects with attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Our Red Seal Certified Carpentry Team offers custom design and installation services for a wide range of carpentry projects:

  • Planters
  • Stairs
  • Porches
  • Custom Projects
  • Trellis & Privacy Screens
  • Playgrounds
  • Decking
  • Fencing Benches
  • Gazebos
  • Small Sheds

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