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We are always looking for dedicated, energetic and hard working people to join our team. We offer competitive compensation packages that include: Top industry wages; Vehicle and fuel allowances, Extended health benefits; Continuous education and Profit sharing. There is always room for advancement in our growing organization.

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Staff Testimonials

  • I have worked in the construction industry for over 15 years and am proud to say that I’ve never experienced anything even close to the standards set by Actual! As a team we aim to set that bar even higher. From our dedicated office staff to each and every employee, you’ll find a positive work environment like no other. Everyone is pushing to better themselves in every aspect through hard work and dedication. Leading the way by setting the example. Teamwork makes the dream work.

    Steven - Enthusiastic Site Supervisor Since 2016

  • I started at Actual 8 years ago with limited experience in the field. Actual gave me all the tools to become successful in Landscape construction. It has been a memorable adventure of learning and growing within the organization. I am grateful to all my colleagues at Actual who supported me in my journey. I am looking forward to many more years with Actual. It’s an honour to be part of the team contributing to the growth and success of the company.

    Yanik - Site Supervisor Since 2011

  • I was drawn to Actual Landscaping and impressed by their over 30 years of landscape construction and installations with lots of projects for the future. It was not long before I knew I had made the right move as I am always encouraged to participate and learn all aspects of the industry being hard or soft landscaping. I have thoroughly enjoyed the construction side of the job, seeing the progression from start to finish gives me pride and a sense of achievement. I would highly recommend Actual Landscaping to anyone considering a career move into the landscape construction industry. I am confident to be moving in the right direction with the right company.

    Brandon - Field Employee Since 2017

  • I have worked with actual landscaping for 2 years and I can honestly say it’s the best company I have ever worked for. The people in this company are brilliant and look out for one another while maintaining an enjoyable and safe working environment. I would strongly recommend Actual landscaping to anyone who is looking for a great company in the landscape industry.

    Dale - Maintenance Division Since 2017

A day in the life of an actual landscaper

I roll up to site at 7:10 on a dewy Monday morning, and take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to be able to work year-round here on the West Coast.

Before I turn off my truck, I soak in the last few moments of the smooth sounds of my favourite song. It will be stuck in my head and I am sure I will be humming it throughout the day and driving my co-workers bananas. Before I leave my truck, I make sure I am fully equipped with my trusty hard hat, functional yet stylish steel-toed boots, and my hi-vis safety vest branded with our company logo. Fortunately, the job-site is in a busy Urban area so I dive into the local JJ bean and purchase an enormous coffee that is larger than my head. The caffeine will give me the energy needed to start my morning, pending I don't fall into a disastrous, caffeine induced coma.

I promptly hustle to our site sea-can to ensure I won't be late for the morning huddle. Here I find my supervisor and the rest of the crew eagerly gathered around to discuss the workflow plan and tasks for the day, so we are set up for success! We start off with a quick toolbox meeting to go over any safety concerns we might be dealing with. It feels very encouraging to be part of a company that wants me to get home safe to my family at the end of the day.

Afterwards my supervisor pulls out the landscape and architectural plans to go over the agenda for the day. I am assigned to help install paving stones on the 12th floor plaza of a 30-story tower. I quickly admire the view from up here. Stellar panorama of the north shore mountains on one side, and on the other I find the ocean and downtown skyline.

Today I will be marking and cutting paving stones with a brand-new Stihl chop saw while my other comrades hurry along with laying the paving stones. Lots of action up here. The team is always engaged and cracking jokes, the comradery here is unmatched. My supervisor stops by to give me a few pointers, great to see him invested in my training and future here!

0:00 am rolls by and my supervisor gives the signal for coffee break, the day is really flying by. One of the crew brought coffees for everyone today, time for more sugar caffeinated goodness and a healthy snack to keep my energy up! I sit down with the rest of the crew who are discussing the latest Spiderman Movie and cutting-edge landscape techniques. The sun is starting to come out, so I pull out my sunglasses while quickly admiring my dapper reflection in the window.

After coffee we spend the rest of the morning wrapping up the paving stones. The crew is packing and sanding the pavers now. The finishing touches! My supervisor stops by to tell me how sharp everything is looking and admires the tight clean lines on my cuts. The attention to detail from

everyone on the crew is impressive. This work area is just a small part of the overall job, I am told the project will last over a year. The company has tons of work on the books, so I get to stay very busy and keep getting paid.

1:00 rolls by and we break for lunch. I crack open my lunch and find an uninspiring bologna sandwich with only one slice of bologna. I look over to Frankie who is enjoying his gargantuan sandwich which must weight well over 5lbs. I ask him if he wants to trade and he offers to sell it to me for $42. I politely decline his proposal.

After lunch we move our focus over to softscaping. A truck bed filled with dozens of massive trees roll up on site. We are going to hoist them up with the crane. The rigger hooks the trees up with some chains and up they go. I always wondered how they got trees way up here. I take a photo of the flying tree which I will post on Instagram later. I'm sure it will get all the likes. After all the trees are planted, we follow behind placing and planting the shrubs. The greenery really makes the whole area pop and come together quickly. It's starting to look really good!

Since I recently passed my Actual Certification, an internal training and goal setting platform, my supervisor lets me hop in the excavator and start grading out the top-soil in the next planting section. The machine is new, clean, and properly maintained, which I can appreciate.

Operating machines like these I am sure to be the envy of every 5-year-old kid on the planet. 4:00 rolls around and we admire our successes of the day. We accomplished a vast amount of work today and everything is looking really dialed in. We do a quick clean up and collect all our tools to be locked up. The team gathers to enter our payroll and my supervisor quickly lays out the goals for the next day. Can't wait to see what landscape action awaits me tomorrow!

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