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Actual Landscaping has expanded consistently over the past 30 years and is well established as a large-scale commercial landscape company. We provide quality commercial landscape construction, civil installations and environmental restoration projects around the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We provide a range of landscaping construction services with the expertise and depth of experience to take on versatile projects with confidence. Our team is happy to review your specific requirements and budget to create a tailored plan for your business or residence.

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Actual Landscaping owns a large fleet of modern vehicles and equipment. We continually invest in current technology and products to meet evolving industry needs, and ensure quality materials are used effectively and sustainably. With a large and diversely skilled field team, supported by veteran management, our projects are executed with a high level of integrity, passion and precision.

  • Don

    President/Owner Since 1988
  • peggy

    Secretary/Owner Since 1988
  • Ryan

    Operation Manager 2004-2019; General Manager Since 2019
  • michelle

    Project Coordinator/Estimator Since 2017
  • Katey

    Administrative Operations Since 2018
  • jolene

    Project Coordinator Since 2020
  • jon

    Project Manager Since 2011
  • yanik

    Site Supervisor Since 2011
  • Kurtis

    Site Supervisor Since 2011
  • Jaime

    Site Supervisor Since 2014
  • Steven

    Site Supervisor Since 2016
  • Melvyn

    Site Supervisor Since 2017
  • Ian

    Maintenance Manager Since 2017
  • Brann

    Carpentry Supervisor Since 2017
  • David

    Site Supervisor Since 2018
  • Dale

    Maintenance Foreman Since 2018
  • Michael

    Site Supervisor Since 2019
  • Stacey

    Site Supervisor Since 2019


our mission and value

Who We Are:

Our company is comprised of team members working toward the same high standards with honesty, responsibility, integrity, strong work ethics, and positive attitudes.

What We Do:

We provide the highest quality landscaping and hardscaping projects with exceptional customer service.

How We Do It?:

By approaching each job with expectations that exceed those of our clients.

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