Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality landscaping and hardscaping projects with exceptional customer service.


Every member of the Actual team will treat every client and fellow employee with respect, and do whatever they can to ensure that every client has a great experience with our company. We will accomplish this by :

  • approaching each job with expectations that exceed those of our clients.
  • equipping team members with the tools, knowledge and training necessary to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations.
  • always remembering that a company vision is useless if it is not adopted and understood by all team members.
  • ensuring that work is always undertaken with safety and efficiency as top priorities.
  • targeting clients that share our vision of delivering exemplary results every time we undertake a project

We will, as individuals and a organization:

  • ensure that our team members have time and resources to make the most of their personal, professional and family lives.
  • ensure that safety on the job is always a top priority, and to expect input from every team member, and incorporate ideas and suggestions that have the potential to improve safety, quality, efficiency and company culture.

We strive to create an environment at Actual where all these ideals and expectations are attainable with all members working well together. Our company is comprised of members working toward the same high standards with honesty, responsibility, integrity, strong work ethics, and positive attitudes. We do not think of training as a one time program that teaches skills, procedures and safe work practices. We all need to continuously educate ourselves and each other, never settle, never stagnate, never ignore problems or safety concerns, never think that only broken things need attention. If something is bad, identify the problem, create a plan to remedy it and see the process through.

If something is good, make it great. If something is great, make it exemplary.